2007 Lauréat  du prix nobilis

Winner of the Nobilis 2007 award

"Rental Project Excellence"

Winner of the Nobilis 2009 award

« Mention - Excellence du projet d'ensemble

d'unités multifamiliales et/ou locatives

d'habitations neuves »


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Les Jardins de la Côte in Côte-de-Beaupré is ideally suited for autonomous retired people. It is well located in Beaupré and boasts a uniquely charming and safe living environment.


The residence can accommodate 77 autonomous retired households and is a major regional facility that offers a great alternative to people from Côte-de-Beaupré who are looking for a well-deserved, carefree and affordable way of life. It is a powerful retention tool for retired people who remain active. This residence stands out due to the quality of its exterior appearance, its unobstructed view of the river, the landscaping of its open spaces and most of all for its emphasis on interior design and the development of public areas.


The Jardins de la Côte is a quality contribution to Beaupré's urban landscape. The site, the architectural qualities of the building and its harmonious integration with the surrounding area make a significant and lasting contribution to this booming sector of the city.   


The Jardins de la Côte breaks new ground in the Quebec metropolitan area by the high level of quality and the range of services it provides to residents. Activities and recreational facilities abound and qualified staff are always at hand. Nursing care, security and food services are also provided by qualified staff who use the best equipment to ensure first-rate services.


Residents at the Jardins de la Côte do not live isolated from the outside world. They are in the heart of Beaupré's activity centre, next to community and business services. Moreover, the proximity of the regional road network makes the residence easily accessible for visitors.


The development and the opening of the Jardins de la Côte required an investment of several million dollars and the hiring and training of 20 people dedicated to the comfort and quality of life of its residents. This residence is a definite reflection of the level of confidence in the future and in the lively atmosphere of Côte-de-Beaupré. Such a fine addition to our community can only strengthen the people's sense of belonging and their can-do spirit.


This achievement earned Les Habitations Boivin the 2007 Nobilis prize under "Excellence in multi-family unit project and new home rental project"  for the quality of its construction and architecture.


In a subsequent phase, the Jardins de la Côte will cater to the needs of frail elderly clients.